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There It Goes Again!

Sunday, June 05, 2011 0 Comments

Great Singapore Sales is here! But its a misery that i cant shop like what others is doing. Responsibility held me up from shopping. I hate it but thats the choice i made, so i got to stick to my decision, no matter what. Anyway, im still waiting impatiently for my application to get through before i sign the appointment letter for school.

Nonetheless, i did some last minute shopping cum the last shopping before the struggle comes into my life. Shopping with Cara on Saturday after work. So packed partly because of the GSS. Orchard then Bugis. Went to pray too, & I pray that i will sail smoothly thoughout the year especially in my studies & career & YOU will come along.

Came across this super nice heels which comes in hotpink ♥, light gray & black in the departmental stores. Chio-ness max & really comfortable when i tried them on. It was sold at a stunning price of SGD169 but its selling for SGD159 because of GSS. I was so tempted to get them but i know i need to consider seriously.

I believe comfort comes with quality. The heels that im preying on are make of adidas's sole. When i put them on, i dont feel any pressure cause the heels & sole are so perfect & i dont walk like a duck. I notice that some girls whom wore super high heels walks like a duck because the curvature of the heels are so flat that it makes them walk so unnaturally.  One word - fugly.  

I brought a pair of GUESS wedges last year for SGD120 & its quite comfortable but i hav problems when i wore for too long. My toes will ache instead of my sole. And i only wore them during function or when i go clubbing. I need a really good & comfortable pair for shopping! 

At the end of the day, i finally came to a decision - to make them mine! I was so tempted to get the hotpink one, but in the end black would be more practical. As of now, they are the most expensive heels that i own. I hope it will satisfy my legs even if i go shopping for the entire day. I have faith in you, dont disappoint me, Rockport!

Singapore should have GSS like twice or thrice a year! Cotton On's sales are like crazy! Everything goes for like as cheap as SGD5! I got 2 dresses & its super worth it! And guess what? After spending SGD5000 on my lasik surgery, i still miss having glasses on me at times, therefore i got myself 2 pair of glasses.

Still in my sleeply mode & grotesque without makeup! 

I notice that i have got a big fat nose when im on glasses! I need a nose job if permitted! That's the reason i dont wear glasses most of the time. Anyway, i must stop myself from shopping from now on. I need to save big time!

Slept for the whole of today! I made a record of sleeping from 11PM last night till nearly 6PM this evening. Thanks to my good friend, Lexotan! I thought i was refreshed, but the fact is im still so sleepy & sleep deprived. Guess im heading to bed soon.

Weekends are over. Hate Monday, annoying Tuesday, ignore Wednesday, Smile Thursday, love Friday, enjoy Saturday & damn Sunday!

But i have to say - i hate everyday!