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Wednesday, May 18, 2011 0 Comments

Holy shit! *trying hard not to breathe*
 I was hit with 5-6 long episode of chest pain today! 

Whenever i breathe, this sharp pain will pierce through my chest & one episode can last up to half an hour.  Working with this chest pain is a torture & the best thing is, today is a busy day!

Im quite out of breathe whenever the pain strikes. The only method i did was to have minimal breathing so that its not so painful. This is my first time experiencing 5-6 episodes of long attack! I wonder what's wrong with my heart.

I just went to Mount Elizabeth for a full body checkup at the cardiologist 2 weeks back & i dont want to spend any money on specialist anymore. I had enough of doctor's visit for the past 2 months! I can only say, im utterly broke!

Maybe, im going to heaven soon! :)