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The Talking Eye.

Saturday, May 21, 2011 8 Comments

My chest pain is getting more & more frequent for the past few days! And the pain is like worst too. The pain always appears on the left side of my chest & whenever i breathe, the sharp pain struck. I was bathing just now & suddenly i was greeted by the sharp pain. Luckily, i was almost done or else i wonder how long i will be stuck inside. I think my days are numbered!

Weekend is here again, this week is yet another long week! I was supposed to meet the chubs for breakfast this morning at Toa Payoh, but i was late as i took too long for my eye makeup. Yes, i guess the favorite feature on my face would be my eyes although its naturally small! What's yours?

Cosmetic lense makes wonder! ♥

Eyeliners with mascara makes a superb finish. ♥

See the big difference between the left & the right eye?

Cam-whoring time!

Met sis after work in town. Did alittle window shopping but end up spending like SGD20 over lunch & cosmetic again! Im in love with black & white eye shadows right now! They are the perfect combination man!

Swensens for late lunch. I didnt step into Swensens for so damn long! The fish & chip taste superb this time! Maybe i was famish when the food arrives infront of me. As usual, felt sleepy after meal. Headed home alone while sis went to meet her bf. Weekends are boring for singles!