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My Devil & Angel

Monday, September 04, 2017 0 Comments

Babies are angels in disguise. Why do I say so? 

When they make your blood boil, they do all sorts of funny & cute act when they see you looking all mad at them. Why they got such talent? And where they learn such skills? 

So one part of you feeling upset but the other part melting away. How?! Sometimes they make you question yourself - Am I angry or not?! 

If you laugh or smile, you give them the impression that they are not doing anything wrong. But when you see them looking all cute, the fire inside you extinguish. So difficult being a parent! 

I went to a talk on "smart consumer smart home" over the weekend. Yes, we are getting ready for our new nest that would in ready in less than 2 month's time. 

So my little girl, being super active was trying to walk around & sang those nursery songs loudly. I was abit frustrated as it's a public talk. 

There was also a video on window safety whereby they touched on how to ensure the windows don't dislodge & also illustrate scenarios of the dropping window. And instead of reacting in the "OMG" way, this little girl suddenly shouted "WOW!!" loudly. 

My reaction was LOL! How can this little girl be so cute! *Praising my own daughter 😆" 

Now, educating a kid is not so easy anymore. Sighpie! They tend to relate the unexpected things out of the norm. Good or bad? 

So there is my cutiepie wide awake at about 10.30PM! 😢

Goodnight! Because of you guys, I will do my best against all odds on my first time being a monitor. I love you both! 😘


Mask The Impurities Away~

Sunday, September 03, 2017 0 Comments

Stress, lack of sleep & busy schedule cause the skin to age even faster. Everyone don't want that to happen, right? 

Hav been trying to get a good mask. But you wouldn't know if it's good when you never even try. It takes me about a few months to decide which one to get. So I went searching in the famous web selling authentic Korea product - Althea~ 

Finally add in the cart & purchase this: 

Although I'm worried about aging, I'm not someone that act on it. Not hardworking luh! So the consequences - dull & dry skin! 

So was kinda excited to try it on myself right after receiving the parcel from Althea. 

It comes with scrub beads inside this clay looking mask. After application, it gives you that minty cool feeling. Totally soothing! 

Waited about 15-20mins, the clay harden & you are ready to wash off. You will need to splash some luke warm water and massage the face with that scrub beads before washing off. 

The first feel after wash - skin soft like baby. Also my face looked whiter & smoother. Yay!!! 

So many 👍🏻 to this mask! 😍