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Goodbye 2013 & Hello 2014!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014 0 Comments

Every year pass just like a blink of an eye. A year have ended, yet again! 2013 is a pretty average year for me having to cope with school assignment, thesis & work. However, i made it! School module have officially ended in Sep 2013 & thesis submitted in Oct 2013.

Hereby awaiting for the results for the thesis. It was a great & memorable experience & i have learnt alot during my 2 months break. (I had a break off work while i mug for my thesis back then). I am so looking forward to how i fair for the 100 over pages of writing!

Right now, resolution for 2014.. ..
  • Graduate successfully & get my long awaited bachelor degree
  • Save alot alot of money for a house
  • Get married (if somebody wants me)
  • Do well in my career  
  • Do something great in life!
Not forgetting i will be starting my full time job tomorrow (2nd Jan 2014). Not much changes but just a conversion from a part-timer to a full-timer. Im blessed to have a good boss & great helpful colleagues at work. Am happy at the moment!

Everyone, lets work together towards our goal & stay happy always~