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School, suck.

Thursday, January 31, 2013 0 Comments

Struggling with the dissertation topic that im going to do on. Video conferencing with UK's program manager somewhere next week because i miss one session this week. The discussion is making me panic & worried. I have got no idea how or what am i gonna do. FML.

Totally forgot the entire format on how to do a thesis after i took a break off school for 6 months. My only wish is to finish this course asap and get a good job. Full of envy because my batch mates are graduating in Feb while i still got 2 module to go through.

So lazy to even start on researching for paper for literature review.

Submission date is 8 months from now, so far yet so near.. ..

Starting of the next sem aft new year. Rigid timetable is gonna gives me sleep deprivation. Gonna endure through. Alright, last 2 modules! Cant wait for graduation! 

Dear October, please bypass smoothly & quickly. Thanks ya!