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A heart-stirring day.

Monday, October 29, 2012 0 Comments

A 1Day drive-in trip to Malaysia with sis, her bf & bbyl0ve. Well, the traffic wasnt that bad, just some slight jams on the way there at 11AM. We were stuck in the jam for about 30 to 45mins, better than what we thought.

Our first stop, the BAK KUT TEH!  

The one thing i had for sure when i cross the border! Comes with generous serving of ingredients & most are cheaper, better than Sing's. Thumbs UP!

2nd stop, U Desserts!

The vibrant green square-liked cuties taste great, its durian with whip cream wrapped in some thin crepe. Damn fattening can! Sis's bf had the durian pudding, sis had herbal jelly with mango cubes & bby had this seacoconut ice blended.

Headed to KSL thereafter for manicure & pedicure. Decided to catch a movie as well. Movies in Malaysia are so much cheaper than Sing's. Watched Silent Hill, kinda scary, covered my mouth througout the 2hrs.

Our last stop, din-sup at some kelong.

We rounded about for 1hour odd because we lost our way. Sis called the restaurant & the very nice staff of theirs guided us all the way there. We didnt even know where we were, we could only name landmark of what we saw. Pretty amazed, she knows the route well! 

Drove out at about 11.30PM. Luckily not very jammed up. This is the first time we got checked so thoroughly. They opened the boot, checked the seats underneath, opened up every compartment in the car. Woo, scary!

And we were so sway! Bby helped his frens to get cigs. The officer checked my bag & fish out that 4 packs of contraband cigs & so he was caught off guard. He was "ushered" to the tax payment room for about 45mins. And he got away by paying a few hundred bucks instead of SGD500 per pack after bargaining with them.

A lesson learnt for him, i hope?

Gonna luxurite in my 1 week of break before the starts of another new journey. Facial later, might consider a hair cut.

Am a happy girl now!