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Monday, August 20, 2012 0 Comments

This is the busiest raya i ever had. Heading out for the entire 3 days. Relatives from Malaysia came visiting, a group of 10 pax! House was overloaded with laughter & joy. Therefore, i got to sleep on the hard floor and now i got aches everywhere.

Steamboat at home, Esplanade, then Rochor taohuay on Sat. My first visit & i guess i had a bad experience. Was sitting in the smelly back alley & suddenly, a group of banglas came in, walked towards the rubbish bin & started pushing the rubbish bins across the alley.

And they stopped the less than 1m away from our tables and started flipping the lid of the rubbish bin, took the bags of rubbish and transfer them over to the next bin. And it was like damn unhygienic please! And all the customer's face goes, "WTF?!"

Sister called one of their stuff and started ranting that its not right & the staff replied back giving excuses like, "This is their job & i cant stop them from doing it..blah blah!"

Bad customer service & they practise bad hygiene!

Headed to Bugis to shop on Sun. When i walked into the mrt control station, i got a shock. Didnt expected the mrt crowd to be so bad, bombarded with mostly foreigners. Timbre for dinner. Food was quite nice but the waiting time for the food was abit ridiculous. & our last station for the day was frog leg porridge at Bukit Timah.

Cousins went USS & shopping but i didnt tag along for today. Really tired. Headed to bby's place & ended up falling asleep on his bed. Dinner with them later. Crabs otw~

Oh well, holidays are over soon!

1 more week to BKK trip with bby. YAY~