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Tears drop, heart sink

Monday, July 02, 2012 0 Comments

There are times, I felt useless, lonely, helpless, stress & depressive, & tonight is the night!

Flashes of bits & pieces flow into my mind. I can feel, the tears dropping from my heart, not my eye.

What's in my thoughts?

It's all about my pathetic life. To think of it, it's saddening, certainly. I really felt useless at times. Why am I leading such a life? A life which I hate, I dislike but I can't change them, at all, for now.

I worked so hard, yet so little back in return. How much does hardworking cost? I guess it's just bullshit.

I envy others, who can depend on their parents or loved ones, but me? I depend on no one. I really wish I could depend on someone, but on the other hand, I dont wan to owe anyone anything.

That's why I rather suffer myself, to death!

At some point of time, death crosses my mind. How I wish I could just die off & everything will be gone. Insurance compensation is good enough to cover the lost of me, I guess.

Perhaps I'm a very negative person. I'm just me, afterall. Everything was a pretend.