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Arab Street

Monday, June 18, 2012 0 Comments

The people who i never get bored of! Awesomely perfect! Kinda sad we all splitted. Some quit school, some deferred & some doing referrals. I hope we can still be in the same class, again!  
Arab street for shesha, alcohol & food, was the plan. Got there, sat ourself down comfortably in Nabin, but as told, shesha was not allowed in airconditioned places, therefore we decide to switch location.

Couldnt make up the choice of where to go, finally we ended up in Cafe Le Caire.

Thumbs down for the service in Cafe Le Caire! Ordered, waited around 20mins before food is served. One of the dish was overcooked, very char & bitter, requested for a redo, waited another 15mins & they came up & said the chicken went out of stock as ours was the last piece.

Were asked to ordered a new dish, waited for 15mins but they didnt serve. Cancelled the order & went down for payment. Saw our dish at the cashier & they actually ask us to take away the cancelled order. We refused & the girl went stomping away & giving the f* face.

WTF right?

We waited & waited the entire night, therefore we didnt hav enough time for shesha. Kinda sad but they are great companies! Talk & cock & sing the song. Planning for a getaway with the cliques. YAY~

Pretty tired now. Kinda sad the weekends are over. Spend so little time with bby. Shall compensate back this coming weekend.