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Bad to Worst

Thursday, May 24, 2012 0 Comments

Uh huh! Left my blog untouched for quite some time. Wanted to blog as always, but was always tired after work & ended up lying in bed. I didnt switch on my laptop for more than a month!

So many things happened. Not really alot but days are bad recently! So bad that i feel like breaking down.

Fortunately, boyf & i are still as lovely. Weekends are always too short for us, but well, ample of time to come in the near future. Last weekend, was quite a slacking & short week.

Sat, Bby booked out on Sat due to confinement > Bby fetch me from work > Hunted & brought my work shoe > JW Market for lunch > Back to my home to slack till 9 plus.

Sun, bby did his own stuff > Came over my place for dinner in the late noon > Back to his place to pack up > Book in

This is the most expensive flats i got for work! It cost SGD179 before discount. And its still SGD150ish after discount.  

Kinda like the simplicity of it.

With the breathables technology that cost so much. Those holes are like nose, it breath! Kinda super cool uh!

Apparently, i was looking at the other pair. But my feet are too small for their smallest size & the sales girl suggest to look at the kids series.

Me: Can i fit in those kids shoe? They come in my size?
Salesgirl: Yeap, the biggest should fit you!

And so she headed to dig out those shoes from her stock & it seriously did fit me perfectly! Its like SGD100 cheaper. Boyf was like staring at me when i tried them on. He gave me that "amazed face"! But end up i didnt get the kid series cause i was looking for an open toe one.

The pair i brought was a little too big for my feet. Added 2 silicone pads & its a little better but however i still ended up with painful ankle. Guess i drag too much when i walk due to the size of the shoe. Now my ankles are like sore & painful!

Got the temptation to actually get another pair which i tried that day but oh man, its so expensive!

Was supposed to go back to school last Monday but due to some referrals, i have to stop school for the next few months. Flung an individual assignment in the 2nd semester. I did predict i will fail because i dont even know what im doing.

The self-evaluation retarded assignment questions! Need to redo and resubmit them for reassgnment before i could head back to school. Guess my graduation will be pulled backwards. Arggh! So hating myself for failing it! Shall have honeymood period to refresh myself before going back to the battle ground.

Did a little bit of online shopping just now while working. Today is abit relaxing therefore i manage to surf the net. Brought a bigger bag organiser as the current one im using is too small. And i got a damn sexy corset! Loving it to the max!

Cant wait for them to arrive! They are sexy like a bitch! 

Looking forward to the coming weekend. Outing with boyf & his cliques for supper buffet! *fattening* Heading back to granny's place with boyf for durian feast! Hehe. Loving it!