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The worthy.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 0 Comments

Nothing can buy true love & trust. They are things that cannt be brought. This 5 letter words meant everything in every relationship.

Always remember pain makes people change, so dont hurt them when you dont want them to change.

Many friends asked me, what happened? I can only reply, "History repeats!"

From this incident, I know who are my true friends that I can rely on.

Why you deserve a second chance?
What makes you so sure history will not repeat?
Why should I trust & believe you again?

So many whys...but only time can prove everything.

I could only rely on my gut feelings or time which will prove me wrong so as to justify all my whys. Promises are just nothing, time shall prove those words. And actions will speak for you. Let me just put everything aside till the time frame is up - 1 month. I shall see what he is capable of.. ..

Without trust, nothing make sense anymore. Love? They are just words. At the end of the day, you will start querying yourself on every single thing. So what is the purpose?

My 3 months dieting program is up. Lost fats that are equivalent to 7 cans of coke. Now i have only 9kg of fats in my body! Woohoo~ Shall blog about them soon. :) Oh got to thank YOU cause i lost 3kg in 3 days.

Am havin my progression break now & it will mark the end of year 2. Kinda flung Sun's exam due to THAT. Im really scared & worried about the verdict. I know i didnt do my best because im always doing last minute work but i tried my best in every assignment. *fingers cross!

Meetups are making me so busy each day. Pubbing with uni cliques on Fri, can't wait for it! Need my weekends badly! Im having so little motivation for work. Fuck weekdays!

I need everything about us to be transparent. No hides, no lies!