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Wednesday, March 21, 2012 0 Comments

I got so affected by baby after he told me what happened today. Seriously, its hitting me a little hard that im left with no mood for assignment. I need to push myself to finish my last assignment for this sem! Dont wanna rush like mad anymore like the past few ones.

What must i do so that i can hav the optimal mood for assignment?

So many things in my mind. Work, school & relationship. Im getting alittle demoralised for everything. Classmate quitted after the 2nd term, now another in the mid of deferring. These 2 incidences are draining my motivation down. No more close friends to discuss/chiong assignments with! :((((

Evening classes are energy drainers. I want to be a good student, but classes are always scheduled either on Fridays or Saturday. I really dont wanna miss them but i felt that im obliged to spend time with baby too. Its either baby or school. But in the end, i chose baby!

I seriously doubt i can cope in the next few sem. Without my motivators, i doubt i can do it. However, i really need to push myself hard without them. Look like god is testing me. :)

Im a girl who is easily influenced or led by. I swear i got the strong urge to give up my studies. But i cannot do so! Im not gonna waste my hard earn money nor let my parents down.


Just hoping this year ends soon so that i can get over with school.

I was on the verge of quitting my work but boss urge me to reconsider before tendering. Spammed resume but none replied. Guess economic are like shit now. Therefore i agreed to stay in the clinic until further plans are made. I hope i dont regret for staying.

My life is in a mess.. :(