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A lashview.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 0 Comments

I am quite convinced by lash essences which will aid in the growth of ur lash. God didnt gave me long lashes & big eyes like bby's! I hate wearing falsis as its quite an irritant to the eye & i have not master the skill of doing it myself yet. Mascara are way more clear cut. However, mascara would only make good enhancement for long natural lash. But mine are way too short!

                                               Bby's lashes  /  My lashes

Sometimes i just ranted to him "God is so unfair, as a guy, why you need such long lashes?!" 

Tried a few brands below as i was quite desperate for long lashes but not all comes with significant results!

Canmake lash essence - It did show some results in a month however I'm not sure if it's psychology reaction or not as the results are not significant.

Ettusais eyelash essence - Did strengthen the lash. Lash appeared darker & harder after you apply the essence. Did not apply it everyday therefore not much of results seen. Guess its more to strengthening it rather than stimulating growth.

Lumigan - A glaucoma drop which aids in relieving ocular pressure which is known as glaucoma. That why all glaucoma patients have nice, long, thick lashes after glaucoma treatment for a long period of time! Lashes significantly grows longer & darker after 1 month. Side effects are redness of the eye & the drops might leave pigments on areas where you apply them. Lashes will gradually be back to normal length after you stop application because the long lashes drops, and your original ones are back on you.

Latisse - Has the same effect and ingredient as Lumigan. They are the same product but with different packaging that comes with brushes for easy application. Tripled the price of Lumigan!

Idol lash - Trying out & saw great reviews of it. Heard that its even better than Latisse! Price are quite reasonable! Will blog about it in one month's time about the results!

Sometimes you just need to be alittle more hardworking and you could do away with falsies!

So looking forward to see the results on the first month. I believe it will work as friends are using them & i heard great reviews of it. Hopefully its worth my spending!