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Shag ttm!

Thursday, March 29, 2012 0 Comments

Had a boring day today! All my annual leave goes to my assignment! Its only March right now & im barely left with any leave for the year! Gonna say working & studying at the same time suck ttm!

No time, no money. Luckily i got a good, nice and patience honey! I ♥ baby!

Got to admit my attendance for this sem suck max because of *. Im playing truancy! Was totally lost in assignments & ended up having to ask around for help. Afterall, i still need to depend myself as classmates are all freaking over their assignment too.

I can say its not an easy task at all. Brain cells killed, increased wrinkles, darkening of eye bag & dark circles. Turning super fugly & shag over time!

I kept wondering if i could still hang on for the next 1 year.. ..

Parents are not at home for the next few days, they are back to Malaysia. Gonna settle own meals! Thinking of what to eat is fraustrating, hate it! 

Tummy flatten by half after dieting program! Im still kinda fat! Gonna go on a no carbo diet for the next few weeks to get a flatter tummy! Way to go... ...

Bby got a heart attack when he read this blog post & saw that near naked pic of mine. He even lectured me about it. I actually mosaic away the upper half of the pic but cropped them off after bby's lecture.

He actually told me a shocking thing. "Mosaic can be erased off using photoshop." What's more stunning is that you can actually remove and photoshop away clothes, bras & undies on the photo. So as to mean, you could get ANY girl naked using photoshop!

So does that mean nobody should post any photo online? Or by just featuring their face & not getting the rest of the body in the photo?

Omg, technology are way to advance that it's scary!