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Angry angry me!

Saturday, March 31, 2012 0 Comments

A gentle knock on baby's elbow left me a abrasion on the lips. Was bleeding for quite a while. Surprisingly, it wassnt painful at all. But its disfiguring me, leading to assumption that left people thinking of something else vigourious. 

Friends went teasing "Wow, u kissed the whole night?" when they saw me! Its so obvious luh! Wtf!

Ordered a cute pink lugguge from Gmarket as i was lazy to look for one & its so bulky to carry all the way home. This is when online shopping comes in handy! Saving time & the hassle to carry them all the way home. loves!

Its standing about half of my height & im very petite. A good size for me! Pictures looks exactly the same as the product. Worth the buy luh! Cheap & chioness max~

Im all ready for my bangkok trip next week & im so damn looking forward & excited for it. Gonna enjoy the mega shopping spree! Hopefully i dont bring back the whole of Thailand!

But come again, i dont really have time to pack my luggage! Tied up with the last min assignmentm, meeting & presentation. Supposed to present next week but 3 of my group mates are not in town. So coincident luh. Luckily Justin was able to arrange another presentation day for us.

But its in 3 day's time. Freaking rushing luh! And some people only started their first sentence when he verbalised that he is half done! What the... Irritating people!

Sorry to say, most malays are behaving the same way.. ..

Yes, he is a malay in his late 30s. Dont even know how to think at such age! If you are not ready to commit to something, then dont go for it. You are dragging us all down with you! The malay at my workplace are feathers of the same flock. Only know how to talk with no action. Slack & slack. Tsk! Luckily, they are the minority in my workplace or we shall all die standing!

I guess they work better with their own Malay cliques - own time own target method. Hate people who are so last min with lousy time management. If you dont knw, jolly well ask & not wait till the last min. Time dont wait for people, time goes with people!

Once bitten twice shy. You can only believe half of it & not the whole of it. zzz! Dont wanna work with him ever again. He is blacklisted!

Alrighty, gonna amend & finish my part up & get ready for the presentation. Awww, formal wear again! Argg!