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Monday, April 09, 2012 0 Comments

"Happy 18th, 18 forever!"
Celebrated my bday in my dreams as i slept thru the entire day, shiok max! Just landed on Singapore near midnight on the 8th. Its a great trip & i enjoyed myself to the max for the past 3 days. The best time ever! Although its super tired, but its satisfying! Never shop till so mad before in my life!

First celebration in the clinic! :)

Second celebration with bby & twin sis (of cos we share the same bday)!

Flying off the morning after.. .. Bby stayed over at my place. Dad drove me to the airport with mum & bby at 4 in the morning. Thanks dad, love u!

Bangkok, here i come.. ..

 Ready get set GO...

Day 1's loot.. ..

I brought like 50 pieces of tops and bottoms, 6 pairs of shoe & 5 bags in total for 3 days! Luggage weigh more than 20kg! Heavy for me but its worth it. Happy like mad, shop like crazy! SHIOK AH!

And i got myself a Chanel necklace for my bday! Thanks the awsomes who chip in for this present! I love it to the max!

Overall, i really had a great time for the entire 3 days! *thumbs up up up! More photos to come.. ..