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Wednesday, April 11, 2012 1 Comments

What if one day the one you love - your bf played an abrupt trick on you, what would you do?

This is not the first time i got fooled around but this is the last thing i want to be involved in and is what im most afraid of. If ever i was fooled, i would hate the guy for the rest of my life. He broke the trust i have for him and he made me broke the trust in all guys. What does he take me for? And why must he chose me to play this trick on? Im just a normal girl with a vulnerable heart. If he truly loves me, he will not do such thing to me, NEVER!

What if you were involved in a relationship and you become a third party which i myself is not aware of, in short you got two-timed?

I would breakdown and kill myself, i cannt blame anyone for my decision to be with that guy. I dont want & never will be the vicious third party & break someone's happiness & hurt any girls because im a girl too. I know how it feels, its worst then going to hell. Its not something funny or something a gentleman should do. This is not acceptable at all.

To what extend will you believe your bf?

I believe in action & my own eyes. Nothing else. If he did something that broke the trust i have in him, jolly well say goodbye to the word "TRUST" when he is with me, he definately dont deserve it. :)

I cant breathe, i cant think. Im going bonkers, i just cant take this pain any longer! Thank you doing such thing!