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The 8th Day..

Thursday, March 01, 2012 0 Comments

 "They are so educated that they forgot about the word - RESPECT"

It have been the 8th day since i last heard from baby. One last night to his return. This 8 days was kinda miserable for me. Not because of his missing attendance, but because i drag working! I dont know how long more i can endure in that place that i started hating since months ago..

I have been dying for a change of environment & change of job scope. Not because i hate the profession but seriously, its the cultural disaster. Most doctors and the patients perceive nurses as maids.

I hate this kinda feeling. We work so hard & yet we are treated this way. Is it deserving? What is everything when you are not respected? The term "hard-work" is a piece of bullshit to them. They dont care how we are treated but as long as we get the work done, they got good earnings they will smile.

Money is all they care! We are not fucking robots, we will feel tired and we got feelings! As a good boss, you have to spare a thought for your employee before any action is done. Just for example, before taking in a certain number of bookings, you need to consider if your employees are able to cope.

We can strive for you, but provided we are rewarded for our hardwork. Rewards keeps everybody motivated & going! But sadly, they are blinded at a certain aspect. Unlike in Aussie, doctors and patients pay a certain respect to the nurses even thou doctors are the superior.

I swear to myself i have to work hard for my studies & quit being a nurse. We are just so overwork and underpaid with no respect given.

At the end of the day we can only blame our self for not being brainy to be a doctor like them!