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Valentine 2012.

Thursday, February 16, 2012 0 Comments

Super sleep deprived due to late night sleep. Hav been real unproductive these few days. Assignment untouched, lesson skipped on Tue & Wed. I'm not being discipline.

Anyhow how was Valentine?
Good for me. :))

Miss last year's Valentine due to some reason. And this year was a real surprise. The surprise was the best Valentine's day pressie!

Baby got to book out so we met for a short while. Got an anklet & my 2nd bouquet of roses from him. First bouquet received last year's Valentine - the unpleasant surprise.

He actually appeared out of the sudden in my clinic at around 2pm with a bouquet of flower and a bag of wrapped present when I was freaking busy. And I received the flowers in a real bad attitude - without any thank you or smile, receive & walk off. He then waited for me till knockoff and I still refused to go out with him.

Felt really bad thou but I just reacted that way because I was busy and secondly I don't really like him at the beginning (2yrs odd ago) because.. ..

Anyway was real elated as we got to celebrate our first official Valentine together. :))

Appreciate all the effort. We been through a lot before and I will try not to bully bf anymore! *evil smile!