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Saturday, January 14, 2012 0 Comments

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I'm always feeling lazy during weekends that I don't even bother to turn on my lappy. I'm blogging on mobile!

I have got so many things running in my mind. My life is screwed, seriously. So many to rant but doesn't know where to start from. Numerous obstacle I need to overcome. I'm so sick & tired of work. Stupid fucking clinic!

Had a spiritual afternoon with Jas. Visited the temple to do some praying as last year was a lousy year. 拜太岁 & 解嵌. Need to purify myself. First time doing such prayers & was kinda lost!

The uncle denotes the message & brought us to another place to look for this ah mei for chanting. It was sure scary!

Walk up the stairs halfway & we both suddenly stop halfway as we saw alot of aunty sitting in a row and they were staring at the stairs. They shouted 来拜拜吗 together!

The aunty asked me to kneel down, gave me 3 joystick & started chanting but I dont understand a single word. I only heard my name.

She pray for the success of sch, family, work & safety. Oh well I'm not a very superstitious & holy girl. But I believe sometimes you will feel better with some spiritual help.

Hopefully everything goes well got me!

School is starting next week & I'm not really prepared for the challenge. Oh dang! The modules are getting tougher. Not easy to deal with stress from work as well as school.

Have been growing sideways recently due to stress. Have been in a dieting program for the 3rd day.

Would u mind swallowing 31 pills a day and get thin in a healthy way in return?

It may seems scary, but I'm confident of the results. 3 months of suffering in return for a sexy & hot body, I don't mind to take up such challenge.

Can't wait to see the results but I have to be patience & discipline. Will blog about this superb product soon. :)

Who doesn't wan a sexy & hot body?