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Saturday, September 24, 2011 0 Comments

Group report cum presentation and individual assignment down! Im left with an exam to end this semester. In a blink of an eye, im working hard for 3 solid months already. So fast and furious!

2 individual assignment & 2 group project down, 8 more of each to go!!!

2nd presentation and im less nervous as of today. I hope we will all do well together. And next, mugging with my dear textbook. Hoping that i will love him with all my life so that he will love me more and i will pass my exam with flying colors!

Well, presentation is such an ass. I can say i hate presentation to the max because im not a crowd orientated person, i hate to be in the attention! Im so afraid of the times when i go tongue-tied and my brain will go haywire. Words are stuck and that moment is so awkward. 

This week is a lousy week, seriously. Had a bad day on Thursday which left me totally dead. Because of your comment, my world turned upside down. I almost broke down but luckily, i was strong enough. Im proud of myself for not crying.

22/9/11 was the day that i wish to delete off my memory because of that comment you make. You pushed me to hell and hurt me inside out. What are my hard work for then? If it means nothing to you then i jolly well disappear and vanish from your sight.

I understand in life, there are ups and downs in whatever you do. I kept telling myself, these meant nothing at all, but still i wasn't able to convince myself with this sentence. That sentence still lives vividly inside me. What i can is not rack it up and slowly forget about it.

Motivation dropped tremendously!

I shall treat it as a training ground and live and act like a robot. Do away with my feelings and emotions. I wanna be bullet proof so that nothing can hurt me! 

However im not letting my mood for school. I wanna do well in studies and excel in life. That class speech will be my motivation for the next 2 years because its all about money!


And im working to that direction.. .. ..gambateh!