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Saturday, September 10, 2011 0 Comments

Today was the 7th day after my ENT visit to the doc. I returned back to the clinic for a review. Did another ear, nose & throat scope. All thanks to the local anesthetic nasal spray that gives no discomfort or pain during the scope.

But the spray taste really bitter & my whole nasal tract was numbed all the way down my throat giving me discomfort when swallowing. Anyway, paid another bomb today. Lucky i was given a good bit of discount. Good thing for health-care professionals. 

Anyway the following pictures might cause discomfort, continue at your own risk!!

I was given a one week course of antibiotics & anti-reflux drug on my first visit which gives me hell. It cause gastric discomfort, nausea & vomitting & even diahorrea. Luckily, it's only a week & not a long term drug or else, i guess i will suffer.
Doctor did a scope & luckily the growth did became smaller but its still there, i hope it will go off by itself.

This is my adenoids - back of the nose. The growth shouldnt be there! But somehow or rather, i was the lucky one to have it! Damn!

Before - A week ago.

After - 9/9/11
Well, afterall operation could be done but it could be left there. However, its not affecting my health or well-being in any way. Sucks, my health is going haywire every now & then. Problems hit one after another.

Im getting like fatter & i look like preggy now, with my tummy protruding. Always having good food in the clinic & its making me fatter & fatter. Oh my god! Stress is inducing me to eat more too.

Im working out of my tummy flattening plan. Way to go!