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Top 5 - I hate you

Monday, August 22, 2011 1 Comments

I dont know where im standing right now? It feels like im in the middle of deserted island. That empty & depressed feeling haunted me again. I seriously hate it to the core! Speaking of which, this is something i wanna say! 

Top 5 things that i hate!

1) Character
Everyone is bound to have a character of their own. I know everyone has of cos a unique character of their own & thats what makes everyone unique. People can change, but character will still stay, be it how hard they try to change, its will always be there.

"A leopard never changes its spots"

A leopard without spots is not a leopard anymore. Therefore, we need to make a decision - to accepte it or ignore it. I know i could not get the best of both world, but at least a compromise? 

2) Empty words
To some people, words are just words. But to me words can meant alot. I hate it when people dont mark their words. I hate the fact that they take words so lightly.

Word comes & goes, just like the rain & shine.

Its like once the pee is out of the body, they flush them away. If you dont mean what you say, then jolly well not talk about it. Its as good as lying your way through.

3) Unresponsive
Waiting is a long process. I used to be very patient, but as times pass, the patience level in me kept dropping every minute. You can see 2 different person when im in my uniform & when im out of it. Maybe its the job that keeps me waiting thats why im sick of waiting therefore i hate waiting when im out of my uniform. Waiting for SMS or anything urgent kills me.

Thats the typical behavior of a Singaporean - not able to wait. 

I dont like people to wait for me however, it cant be help at times but i still take every effort to peep at my phone every now and then to response to people who are looking for me no matter how busy i am. Why cant other people do that as well?

4) Initiative
I hate people who are without initiative. People without initiative are just pure lazy. They are too lazy to even take note of things happening around them cos.. ..

They carry this "cant be bothered" attitude in them. 

Being initiative gives people the impression that you care, but i admit that i dont even have that little bit of initiative in some aspect. However, sad to say, not everyone care! Haha.

5) Irresponsible
Being acting as accordance to the four points above, you are so irresponsible!