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Friday, July 01, 2011 0 Comments

My all-time webcam buddy ♥, whom is 6000KM away! 01.07.11
PS: Ignore my fugly face!

Love me without restriction. 
Trust me without wondering. 
Want me without demand. 
Accept me how I am.

Im finally enrolled for school, done with the first payment & went for orientation yesterday. Induction tml & its gonna be a long long day for me. Im definitely sleep deprived right now. However, im so looking forward to the start of the class next wednesday.

I can foresee a road full of bumps and slope in the near future. Im gonna walk a 20 months of bumpy road. Well, i can do it, i sure can!

Work is a nuisance everyday, my morale is decreasing day by day but well, i can just live with it!
Eat . pray . love :)