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Friday, June 24, 2011 1 Comments

You are the reason at the saddest part of my life, i smile. 
At confusion, i understand.
In betrayal, i trust.
In fear of pain, i love.

This week was horrendous! Everywhere is filled with obnoxious being whom never fails to pull the trigger in me everyday. Sick & tired of these, where are all the good & nice people? I guess they are all dead. It was a catastrophe for the entire clinic. Fml.

Thank god, its weekend! I need a break from these nonsense! We have to deal with all these shit everyday & accept it cos its part & parcel of nursing. Most people dont respect us or appreciate what we are doing. Whats the whole point then? 

Nursing was a calling, passion was why we became a nurse. But without respect, these are nothing.