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Stirke, GOAL!

Thursday, June 09, 2011 2 Comments

Little did i know, i was struck again, now on my left eye! It was the mild yet deadly virus - conjunctivitis. Woke up with red, teary & painful eye. So these specs come in handy to cover my nude eye. The sandy-like feeling was just sucky! So afraid that i might infect my patients that i wash my hands like crazy. 

I was so damn unlucky this year. Everything just came knocking on my door. Is it unlucky or wad? I used to be free of everything, until you left, i got depressed & everything went wrong. Totally wrong that nothing was right.

Work is a disaster this week. Overtime & its never ending. Suck but im trying to divert all the stress away & is looking forward to the weekend. I need rest, most importantly, i need the (invisible) you.