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Its Jam-Packed!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 0 Comments

I think i need a bigger cupboard! There are so many stuff in my cupboard & its like i cant barely find any space to put my stuff anymore. Although my cupboard are so full of clothes, im always complaining that im lack of clothes!

Seriously, i even have difficulty taking out the hangers from my cupboard every morning cause its just too squeezey to begin with! Its so packed with my clothes, cosmetics, bags, polish, manicure box & facial products but im always so lazy to apply them!

Luckily, mum gave me an organizer where i can organize my cosmetic & conserve some space although there is no space anymore! LOL~

  I super love this organizer but its a pity its not pink in color! It will be perfect if its pink! Hahaha!

And apart from this organizer, i still got my jewelery box which i cant stuff into my cupboard! Sigh!

Therefore, the only place i can put this box is on my table & so i always forgot about my accessories whenever i go out! Damn! And apart from these, i have to put another half of my makeup in another separate bag!  

Ok, i know most of my products are from Paul & Joe! Can you sport the similarities among them?

Today marks the end of midweek, which means we are ending the week real soon! Im already feeling tired already & cant wait for weekend to come! This week issnt that bad, so apart from being tired, i have nothing much to complain about.

I just need *! Hahaha~