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Back To Blogging!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 0 Comments

Good news! I think im getting more & more motivated with blogging & codings! I guess its due to my new layout which im so in love with! Im officially back to blogging but i guess my blog will be so dead as usual! Sadness overwhelm when i think of that! 

Im working hard on editing my layout & im almost there! Just 15% away from how it looks like in my previous Wordpress layout! Well well well, im quite satisfied with the current one though! Might not have some major change for the time being?

I cant wait for this Friday to arrive! Its only Tuesday & my brain is already so tired due to work. Its like a mad house disease everyday in the clinic. Non-stop motion from the start of work to the end of work & we didnt even have time for a drink.

Im so physically & mentally tired at the end of the day. But although im tired mentally, but im always getting difficulty sleeping most of the night. And so many dreams are running in my brain when im sleeping! Do you know that if you are dreaming, it means that your brain are not 100% at rest?  

I even dreamt of something i need to do in reality in my sleep & suddenly i jumped out of bed to get that thing done? This is how bad im doing now! :(

Although im a fan of pink, but my health doesnt seems pink lately! Im like the best friend of specialist! Have been visiting those specialist clinic frequently! Problems everywhere from my head to my toe! And the consultation fee is so taxing! Im like so broke these day!

My tummy especially is giving me ton of problems! Its not feeling well the entire day today! Something is just not right somewhere! Wonder whats up with it! I dont know if im feeling hungry or feeling bloated. I just cant describe that that that feeling luh!

Im depressed, so am my tummy! Everywhere is haywire now! I think i need to fix that broken heart of mine before everything in my system goes back into place.

Who will be there to mend my broken heart?