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Sunday, December 05, 2010 3 Comments

Im finally online! Have not been touching my lappy for the 4th day! Thanks everyone for the care & concern these few days, my eyes are on the way to recovery. Its the 5th day now, the hemorrhage are getting better now & i hope it will go off as fast as possible.

The first day of operation.

The fifth day of operation.

Whenever i go out, people would keep staring at me. Some even asked if my eyes are contagious! Omg! Maybe i should put up a necklace-like signboard to state that i just had surgery done! Am i too paranoid or wad?

On the day, i was quite nervous before and throughout the procedure. They register & prepared me for the op. There is not a need to be nil by mouth for lasik nor is there any other restriction. You can eat as much as you can before the procedure but no eye makeup on the day & one week after op.

There was 2 parts, the flap creation & the lasering. Mine was bladeless (Intralase & Allegretto Lasik) therefore, everything was done by the machine.   

They wore for me a paper gown, a white shower cap & 2 paper shoe cover to cover my shoe. Asked me some pre-op questions & washed my eye lid with iodine & gave me some anesthetic drops. I could feel that my eyes were numb. Went in, lie down under a big machine. This machine is to create a flap in the cornea.

They put a equipment on my eye & i would need to look at the red light at all times. They did it one eye at a time, the right first then left. And i felt this pressure as the machine came down & sucked the eyeball to restrict movement.

Counting down 20 seconds in my heart & the flap was created. During the 20 seconds, my eyesight suddenly went blank but came back after a few seconds. Was abit scary though. After the flap creation, my eyesight was as blurry as before the operation.

Removed the gown, cap & shoe cover, i was brought over to a second room. I was given another new gown, cap & shoe cover. By then my eye lid was so so so heavy due to the anesthetic drops. I tried hard to open my eyes, but my eyes just refused to stay open.

For the second part, lied down under a big machine again & they taped my eyelash with a tagederm & a metal piece was put on my top & bottom lids to keep my eyes open. Then i was asked to look at the green light at all times.

Same thing, they start with one eye, the right then left. They opened my flap & started lasering. A loud laser sound could be heard & I could smell the chao-tar smell during the laser! I was abit terrified. During the laser, my eyesight went fuzzy but it came back to norm after a few seconds.

After the laser, they close back the flap and everything was done. Went out of the room, was given antibiotic drops. And i was asked to put them 2hrly for the first day. And i swear, its a torture to put the drops on the first day cause its fucking pain.  

And the lubricating drops every 5 mins on the first day. I was so hardworking with the drops that i finish 12 sticks of lubricating drops (8mls in each stick) within 2 hours. My eyes couldnt open for the first entire 2hours! It was so so so glaring & the best thing was i was advised not to sleep after the surgery.

I keep putting the drops in the cab & tried so hard to keep my eyes blinking cause the eyes needs to keep moisturized. Vision was fuzzy on the op day but better on the second day. For me, mine was still glaring on the second day & it would take like 1 week to go off.

I couldnt sleep peacefully on the first day cause i was so worried that i would wake up with painful eyes so i kept waking up automatically to put those lubricating drops. Speaking of which, many asked if its painful during the procedure. I would say no pain at all, just feel uncomfortable as you will feel some pressure on the eye.

Everything was alright for me now just that i may be alittle under corrected.Im still having like less 75 degrees in each eye. Pros & cons on the under/over correction. If you are over correct, you will have difficulty to read near next time. And if ure under corrected, you far may not be perfect but near will be better.

Well, at least i dont need to leave with those nerdy glasses anymore!