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Thursday, November 25, 2010 1 Comments

Today is totally a bad day. My day was filled with triggers, i got triggered three bloody times. I nearly burst into tears not because i was sad but because i was too angry. Is this so called PMS symptom for girls?

I was so moody & depressed for the whole week. Why must you torture me like this? Maybe you will feel happy when you see me getting hurt and all. Why cant you take the bloody first move? Im tired.

Yes, i love you more then i love myself now! I just cant get you out of my mind. I tried very hard, but i still cant do it. I hate myself too, but what else can i do other then missing you?

These few days, i having been having the thought of death. Im serious. I dream of me slashing my own wrist and the blood was oozing out into the sink. I also thought of inflicting pain on myself like going for a tattoo or something to ease the pain i have in me.

I also hope and pray i will not wake up the morning after every night before i go to bed. And sometimes when i cross the road, i would hope that a car will suddenly bang on me & i would die on the spot. Im going crazy & you are the reason for them.

I no longer have anything to motivate me in life. Nothing is worth living for now. God, i wish to die.. ..can i?