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Tuesday, October 26, 2010 1 Comments

Im so pissed right now! Every single thing is going against me! I couldnt help but to feel depressed & moody all the time! I just cant control my fucking mood!

I feel bad for venting my anger at my mum earlier but i just couldnt help it. It just so natural & i will feel bad the next moment. What is fucking wrong with me? My mood is so imbalance! Hormonal imbalance?

This few days, you & all the memories just kept coming into my mind. I dont know why! But i know for one thing, its not gonna be like what we used to be. What is done is done, there is no way back. Therefore i could only go forward.

I hate my life to the fucking core. Seriously! My mind is always up with an idea of dying or self inflicting of pain. I think im having some psychological condition, depression perhaps.

Im really am tired of life. Who can relieve me?

I would say, it will be only you!