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Sunday, October 17, 2010 0 Comments

Yesterday's night was the most superb day of my life for the past 3yrs! Love is nearby, somewhere over the rainbow! Headed out at 10.30PM to meet Pepe. Was such a coincidence that we both wore pink & it was the same shade of pink loe! Telepathy eh?

Totally stunned to the max when i saw it. He had his dinner, then we got our popcorns & then headed into the theater. We watched "Legend of the Fist" and it was quite okay but its kinda exaggerating.

Cabbed back & we sat down near in an open area to chill. Talking & lifting your head up to glaze at the star at the same time was pretty relaxing. We chatted alot about the past. I think this is really fate!

Although there issnt alot of stars last night but im still loving it maximum cause of who im with! I miss Malaysia's sky, it is always filled with stars.

Headed home at 4:30PM. Bath & make my way to bed. He called and we chatted till 5.15PM & off to bed. Sweet sweet sweet!

I hate myself for being such a light sleeper. Slept at 5plus but i woke up at 8plus. WTF loe! Whats wrong with my brain activity?! Seriously hope that there will be a on/off button installed inside.

However, im gonna nap again in half an hour's time.

Since im free today, i cleaned, tidied & packed my cupboard and desk. If only money can be grown like dust, everyone will be filthy rich!

Packed all the memories of you & me inside a box and hide them in my cupboard. The bears, photos & stuff that you gave me were in there. I felt sad for a moment when i accidentally saw those pictures we took back then.

Missing you a teeny weeny bit right now! Sigh! My heart is feeling so heavy right now! Alrighty, not gonna dwell anymore since i already wrapped everything up. Goodbye to those beautiful memories & hello to my sweet future!!