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Monday, September 13, 2010 0 Comments


Its the fifth time i celebrated ❤'s bday with him. Although its something simple, but i hope he likes it. Im running out of ideas & im a bad brain stormer alright?

Headed to town on Sunday with ❤. As usual, a date with movie. Watched Girl$, my first R21 show after so long! Well, i think its kinda gruesome with those more intense R rated stuff.

I love Diaso so much that i visited the shop at IMM & Ion for 2 days consecutively. Brought some bling bling to bling my Blackberry! Although it doesnt look professional, but still, im loving it to the max! ❤'s questions & answers always never fail to make me laugh!

LOVE: I wanna get an egg opener!
ME: For fuck?
LOVE: Hey, girl cannot ask this kind of question!

I dont really feel comfortable in the theatre throughout the movie but well, nothing fascinating afterall. Something similar to a M18 show. The plot wasn't nice with that meaningless storyline.

Sleepover at ❤'s place. I think im addicted to those Iphone games. Wtf! I wassnt even really interested in those games when i was using an Iphone in the past but why am i so into it now when i dont have one?

"Cherish before its gone"

Had total insomnia last night. I didnt sleep at all, not even a 5 minutes power nap. So pissed at myself! My brain activity just cant stop. Had slight headache with sore throat after i woke up. I hope im not getting sick anytime in the next few months!! Im sleep deprived like seriously seriously!!

Took a nap & i spent nearly half an hour before i doze off finalfuckingly. Was dreaming away & 5 minutes later, tadah, phone rang & mum called. Totally totally damn pissed off! I cant get back into my dreams after that. I hate insonmia!

Headed for dinner at 5PM. ❤ was so excited like a small kid before dinner cause he was craving for crabs. I think im sicked of the stuff in Kushin-bo. I didnt eat alot today although im super hungry as its my first meal of the day at the time of eating. My tummy was over flooded with food by the time we finish eating. 

I miss Jes max max! My soul will be with you, bestie! Will be embarking on a new adventure tomorrow! Kinda terrified yet excited! I have long forgotten everything that i have learn in the past. I need a refresher!! Wish me luck!!