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Monday, August 23, 2010 0 Comments

Its 10:48PM right now & i just reached home. There is a washing machine inside me, a gigantic one! My gastric has been hurting me since this evening after Sakae Sushi. Have i been eating too much recently?

Work was atrocious today! I felt so nonessential, like seriously. I have never felt this way before, never! Everything is so superficial. I know you hate me but well, im gonna disappear soon. Im so not happy everyday! :(

I kept having this super odd feeling in me everyday! Im sick & tired of work, therefore i dont wanna give a damn about it anymore, seriously! I feel so utilized! From now on, i will always remind myself, "Its ok, its alright, its gonna be over soon! :)"!

Bugis with Jes today. Met her friend, Cherry. Today, i felt so gigantic cos i was the tallest among the 3 of us. Basically, cause i was wearing a 2cm heel. For the first time in my life, i felt so tall. LOL!

Im always the shortest among all my friends, but today im not! Im so not used to it! Shopped, brought a pair of black stocking & a translucent white lacy top. Yay, another top added into my clubbing collection!

Got a new ear-ring too. A super cool ring - a key pad with bling bling! Loving it to the max! I need a pair of flats but i should stop shopping for this month! Budget out of control!

TCC-ed with a cup of Mango Yogurt with lovelies. And my tummy got worst. Who can give me a sick bug? I need one now! Trained home with T, my daily stalker. ♥ Everything is so near, yet so far.

Pictures will be posted once uploaded. Till then..