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Miss Hangover!

Monday, August 16, 2010 0 Comments

Im leaving Wordpress for Blogspot as of today cause Wordpress kept giving me problems. So i shall stick to Blogspot from now on. Good the bye, Wordpress!

MISS HANGOVER, thats me! Out with Cara & got my heels in Bugis. Im loving it! Love at first sight! Dinner with my Thai Express cliques~ Yes, we are a big fan of Thai express!

Met Irene on the way at Vivo & headed to Powerhouse. The club was rated M18 & so she was left outside with her cliques. Poor her but she manage to sneak in after that.

My first picture with Irene on our second meeting!

Clubbing during the weekends was awesome, but it left me sick after that! Hangover as i drank too much for the night. Joined Stan & friends & party the night away! Clubbing, supper & home. Fun maximum although i was damn tipsy when i left the club. Addicted to it pretty much.

My lesbo partner & i love you so!

Had hangover for the whole of yesterday. Headache, stomachache & nausea. Despite feeling sucky, i still manage to crawl to boyfie's place. Lie in his bed all the way while boyfie & his brother was busy with their "artpiece".

Tadah! This Popeye took them nearly 5hours!

As of today, was accompanied by my new boyfie!

I didnt turn up at work due to the hangover. Hangover can last for days! Went to the doctor, got my MC & medicine as well as the sleeping pills. Im doomed! My body system is so strong that i didnt fall asleep after taking 1 tab of sleeping pill - diazepam 2mg.

Its my first time & yet it takes no effect on me. Popped in another tab 2 hours later but i only slept for 3hours. Oh dear, whats happening to my body?! Aint it suppose to knock me out in 30minutes?

Uh huh, something must be very wrong with me! Dang!!