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Monday, August 16, 2010 0 Comments

Sorry for not updating my blog for the past 10 days. Been pretty depressed due to work. I guess im going thru some slight depression. Having suicidal thoughts & being so negative all the time. Im not looking forward to work now!

Had a long weekend last week, but a busy one. Gusto BBQ cum swimming session at Jenny's place last Fri after our half day work cause of YOG opening in NUS so all NUS staff was entitled to half day work. But that day still sucks to the maximum! Went interview at Eye Retina Surgery on Sat in Town, attended Hasinah's solemnization at Al-Falah mosque on Sun in Town. Slacked & met boyfie on Mon.

Everyday is a sucky day for me now. I actually dream of work stuff almost everyday. I think im too stress! On Wed, i actually dream of me being short listed by ERS & was asked to start work on the 12th Sept. I tot i got no chance anymore cause people normally says that the dream is the opposite of reality.

Well, they actually called me today & i was really shortlisted! I think im so lucky cause there were 3 person whom went for the interview & yet i got the job! So i guess this olden saying of "All dreams are the opposite of reality." are not true at all. Superstitious saying only luh!

Im happy that i got the job & is really looking forward to joining them asap! Tender my resignation notice today & is awaiting to complete the resignation template so that the HR can let me know when is my last day! Hope it will not take long! Yayness~!

But apart from this, today which is the Friday the 13th was a damn unlucky one for me. Went to work today & did went out early as i have patient at 8:30AM. Wore a pair of pumps which was given by boyfie years back, went out, took the lift, walked less then 10 steps & the right sole fall off. Make my way home to change to another pair of pumps.

Went to work & met boyfie after work & we headed to Marina Square. As we were walking, my right sole came off again! Read carefully!! Its 2 different pair of pumps, both wore for the second time & i was so "lucky" that both the right sole came off on the same day! A bad shoe day! An unlucky Friday the 13th!

Immediately limped into a shoe shop, brought a pair of purple heels which cost me SGD79.90 & after walking for like 30mins, the shoe makes my feet damn painful! In the end, i went to Rubi to get another pair of slippers. I hate myself for wasting so much money today! Damn it!

Published on: Aug 13, 2010 @ 22:50