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The Last Minute Thing!

Monday, August 16, 2010 0 Comments

Had a busy weekend!! Everything was not planned, but was decided in a blink of an eye. Slept & woke up at 12PM on Sat. My phone was flooded with texts when i woke up. Casual texting with Cara as i have no activity for the day & suddenly, we decided to meet up for sushi!

Pulled myself out of bed, prepared & headed out drowsily. Arrived in town, walked to Cine, queued for more then 30mins & finally we got ourselves seated in Suki Sushi. It has been awhile since i gobbled chucks of food into my stomach! I miss those times. I just wonder how can i actually eat non-stop for 3 to 4 hours in the past & now, within 2hrs, i was halfway to hell.

We were full to the max after 2 hours & the best thing is, there are still dishes coming in that we order an hour ago. And i actually ordered the wrong dish - fried squid, that tasted awfully disgusting! Not that i dont eat squid, but the squid there was really disappointing, but the chiwamushi was superb! Oh my goodness! Well, lucky i manage to hide those food under the empty plates!

A full stomach makes a man happy, but sleepy too! We then decided to walk around Far East so as to aid in digestion. Singapore is really small! Tsk tsk! Everywhere is so boring. Stan then text me & coincidentally, he was in town too so headed to met him as he suggest to catch a movie.

Didnt know that his Iphone was so up to date! It actually can show timing of those new movies that are not in town yet. Bravo! Cause he actually suggested movies that was unlisted in the office box! Wanted to go K-box but it was too late and expensive, so last resolution - clubbing!

It was super duper unlucky that i didnt bring my identification card with me that day & i didnt have any other documents with me too! Traveled all the way home to take my IC & clothes with Cara & headed to Powerhouse. Total waste of time! Thanks Cara for traveling back with me!

The night was fun! Left the club at 3.30AM & headed over to Dearest's place to stay over. Drowsy to the max but was being woke up by Dearest at 12PM! Super irritating! Prepared & headed out to meet the cliques - ShuHui, Alice & Jes in Bugis.

Shopped, eat, movie. We were chatting & walking in a row - Alice, me, Jes & ShuHui, into the toilet after the movie. Alice took the lead & we walked into the toilet & suddenly, Alice shouted "OMG!" & i looked up, i saw a man standing infront of the basin, washing his hands & a few man standing infront of the cubicle, peeing!!

We then all dash out of the toilet cause we went into the Gents! So embarrassing luh! Dinner & we headed home. Busy yet tired, but i love it! ❤

Published on: Jul 12, 2010 @ 19:28