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Friday, June 11, 2010 0 Comments

Hohoho! Im so damn lazy these day to even login into blogger to blog. You guys shall see me come & go as & when i like! Alrighty, just a short update.

Work was relaxing this week! Time seriously fly & every morning, im always looking forward to work cause i love my job! Im happy! :) Tortured myself cause i went to pierce my tongue last Wed. Went on a liquid diet for a few days & its seriously torturous.

Well, as of today, its 9 day old. Luckily im able to twist & turn my tongue now, but i still talked like a duck - i sound like im sucking on a real big sweet. I guess you can visualize how i sound! I think all my patient will be pondering why this girl talks like that!

I wanna change my stud asap cause its too long for me but i can only change it 3wks later! Im starting to look out for nice ones! Looking forward to this weekend cause im going to a BBQ tml & going JB for shopping on Sun! Im utterly broke right now & GSS's here! More goodbyes to my $$$!

Iphone's 4th generation or Blackberry bold white? Wanted to change my phone again but i still cant make up my mind! Have been changing my phone too frequently that i think im wasting my money! But, its so tempting! God!! What should i do man?!

Anyway, im still trying to bring back my wordpress to life but well, i guess i need my friend's help to host it up. I miss my wordpress cause wordpress still rocks my socks!!!