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Sunday, June 13, 2010 1 Comments

Holy mama! I gotta quit spending & start saving man! Have been spending like a queen lately & im seriously broke now. Benson's Chalet ystd & i have been exercising pretty much for the whole of Saturday. Walking & cycling & sweating! I hope i manage to burn off some adipose tissue!

Went to JB with Jes in the morning. I think JB's fashion CMI! They simply turn my shopping mode off! Its a good thing thou but i still spent a bomb! Did pedicure & medicure & also brought some skincare products from Etude House & Skinfood.

The stuff from Etude house & Skinfood in Malaysia is much more cheaper then Singapore's! Brought a collagen toner for 43.30RM in Malaysia (which is equivalent to around SGD20) & it cause SGD36.90 in Singapore. See, its so much cheaper!

Headed to the PC fair with dearest & friend. Brought a lappy cooler. Well, im not very sure if it works but hopefully it does cause my lappy is getting hotter & hotter as days goes! Damn! What's best? I went to look for Irene Tan & Agnes Kan in their booth! After knowing them for so long in the blogsphere, i finally saw them in real life!

Anyway, my domain will be down for the time being. My friend is helping me with some hosting stuff so im trying to propagate my DNS. Im trying to get my Wordpress back! Wordpress still rocks i think! Well, hopefully my domain will be back in action again soon!