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Tuesday, June 22, 2010 0 Comments

One more step & im six feets under the ground! So near yet so far! Sitting there, looking down makes my head spin & my adrenaline level rise. And one question came to me, what if i jump down from here?

Alrighty, im not have some suicidal thoughts so dont worry! This is the scenery of the new office & the best thing is, the building faces the sea! Loving the sea view from there. Well, if only we are given 2 tables there (if only we were asked to move from the current office which we may be moving anytime & have no place to go!)

I wonder what's wrong with me! Im having frequent chest pain. Did a 2D Echo few weeks back, one doctor said im fine but the cardiac technician sounds as if my condition is a serious one!

Am i going to die anytime soon? Hehe! So sorry to sound so depressed in most of my sentence but indeed, im abit depressed for the pass few months! Not depressed of work or what so ever but depressed because of _________.

I wonder when my domain will work! So frustrating! This domain is giving me so many problem! Im hating it!