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Wednesday, June 24, 2009 0 Comments

How nice will it be to have 2 half-boiled eggs for breakfast every morning! Well, i have 2
this morning. Mum taught me how to make half-boil eggs which is really half-boiled when

I know many people, including me likes to eat half-boiled eggs. But everytime when i try to
make half-boiled eggs, its either too cooked or still very raw.

Mum says:
" Take out the egg from the fridge, leave it in room temperature
for like 30minutes or overnight. Fill about 3/4 full of water into
your pot and boil it. Make sure you can see lots of bubbles on the
surface. Off the fire after it
boiled and leave the eggs in the boiled
water for 7minutes. And
the eggs will be half-boiled. "

Mum added,
" The eggs are delivered out via the asshole of the chicken, its very
dirty.Wash the pot with the dishwasher after boiling the egg before
putting back on to the dish rack. "

In a human, anything that come out of the asshole is called "shit" & its described as dirty,
smelly and disgusting by everyone. This means that we are eating the so-called "edible
shit" & the "unhatched babies" of the chicken.

I think it sounds abit logical! Issnt it? I cant deny that eggs are delicious & its one of my
favorite food. But thinking back about what the statement mum commented makes me
feel alittle disgusted and guilty.

Disgusted cause im eating something which is delivered via the asshole although its the
content which i ate but not the shell which come in contact with the butt. Feeling guilty
cause im eating the embryo of the chicken.

Anyway, im not making anyone to stay away from eggs cause i loves eating egg! But i was
just blogging about what i think regarding mum's comment.

Anyway, wordpress is giving me serious headache. I practically hav no knowledge of PHP,
PTF & how the wordpress functions. Im just thinking, can anyone convert the wordpress
theme into blogger code? If its possibble, all hassle will be saved.

PS: I need a hosting!
PSS: I need to learn how to use PFT!!
PSSS: I need someone to set up the wordpress database for me!!
PSSSS: Im looking forward to using wordpress! :D