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Thursday, June 11, 2009 0 Comments

Im off today but still, i woke up as early as 7.30AM. Prepared & headed to Habourfront.
Visited Sentosa with Jeslyn today. It has been ages since my last visit & i simply love the

Waited for Jes for like 20mins cause i reached darn early today. Went to Mac for breakfast,
had egg mcmuffin set while Jes had hot cakes with muffin set. Yummy, i totally love Mac's
breakfast! My last visit to Mac for breakfast was like more then 6months ago.

And our breakfast, went to hunt for Banana brand's suntan oil & headed to Sentosa via the
Sentosa train. Changed & started our sunbathing. The weather was pretty good today but
i didnt get tan much. Turned abit darker, but did not hav sun burn. Lucky me!

Played in the sea cause it was too hot. Stayed in Sentosa for 4 hours & we headed to Vivo.
Had Thai Express for lunch. Travelled down to Plaza Sing & had Ice monster. Brought bras
& 2 nail lacquer. Spend ton lots today! Damn!

Ignore my fats please!!!!

Sister Ong called me today. I will be off tml again so that means my last day was on Wed.
Well, i will be gone for good from today onwards. No more pushing of beds, fetching/sending
of patients & those recovery work!! Woohoo~


All memories will be remembered vividly. Good memories stays in my heart while the bad
ones will be abolish. Been in SNEC since Feb'08 till now. Time flies & i will no longer be
associated with them!

2nd day of my burnt, bubbles seen on the wound.
*2nd degree burn