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Thursday, June 04, 2009 0 Comments

My pedicure that i did ystd! Well, i just randomly snap this before i went to bed! I know
the angel is very wrong & the view is kinda bad! LOL! Anyway, in reality, it looks way
better then what you see in this picture!

OMFG, i got my 7th SOTD (Skin Of The Day) after skinning for so freaking long! Well,
i was totally speechless about it as i didnt expect it at all! I know that not all people love
pink like i do, but i still cant resist myself to stop making pink skins!

Well, a leopard never changes its spots mah, so yea! I guess, i will never ever stop loving
pink! Many thanks to all whom download, comment & favourite it!! My skinning fever has
started burning! Motivation increased~!

I was wondering if the black version will be tml's SOTD not as there are some problem
with the download system in blogskins! Or there is people spammed downloaded it! The
downloads was madness even though i resubmit it again ystd! Urg!!!

I want to get SOTD at its most natural way & not by any cheating! I want people to
appreciate my work! Sigh, sad! Alright, enough of ranting! Im tired! Im off to do my friend's
- Po's skin now!