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Sunday, May 17, 2009 0 Comments

Once again, the below article is from an email. Honest speaking, this sounds exactly like the life
of a typical Singaporean!!

Life in Singapore is tough..

In Singapore , the majority of us live in Highly Dangerous Buildings (HDB), and most
people have already got used to Paying and Paying (PAP).

Not only do you have to pay, you Pay Until Bankrupt (PUB).

If that's not enough, somebody still Purposely Wants to Dig (PWD) and get more from

So what more can you do when you are in the Money Only Environment (MOE)?

With the current Mad Accounting System (MAS), you are forced to Pay the Sum
(PSA),Which will leave some people Permanently Owing Some Banks (POSB).

And forced to live on the Loan Techniques Always (LTA) system.When you fall sick
and happen to be admitted to a Money Operating Hospital (MOH),

You might be able to use your Cash Prior to Funeral (CPF) fund.

If you are out of luck, you may meet doctors who Never Use Heart (NUH) to treat you,
and you will be Sure to Give up Hope (SGH) Mortuary.

To help ease the traffic, motorists have to pay Cash On Expressway (COE).

If that doesn't help, they can always Eternally Raise Prices (ERP) on the roads..

If you don't own a car, you can always make a Mad Rush to the Train (MRT), or get
squashed in a bus Side By Side (SBS ).

Lastly, under all these pressures, there are not many places we can relax, not even
good old place we used to go because it has become So Expensive and Nothing
To See Actually

Alright, weekends are coming to an end soon! Got to go back to work on Mon which bores me
inside out. Im gonna be turned into a slave once again!

My Omnia is giving me a little problem right now due to my itchy hand. Went to download lots
of programs & now whenever i tap on "Setting" nothing changes. Gonna bring my Omnia down
to the service center for some consultation.

Aww, im having some pimple breakout! 6 new pimples found on my lower chin due to the
fugging surgical mask i wore during work for solid 8hrs! Now that H1N1 flu has invaded
Malaysia, im so damn petrify that it will invade Singapore soon! Oh, no!

Alright, will be heading off to Bf's place soon. He just reached home from work! Poor him!

Customized & editted my window wallpaper as im bored! Smth simple too but looks like its
a little too ribbon-ish. LOL!

I love Neutrogena WAVE~

Saw the Neutrogena advertisement banner on top of my blog? I decide to buy that widget to
giv it a try! I simply love it & whats more, its pink! The buzz was really comfortable & cool!
A totally nice widget for facial! Joined the neutrogena competition too!

Edited it, so the image quality is quite bad!