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Thursday, May 07, 2009 0 Comments

Yes, its finally Fri tml which means the week is coming to an end! Work was super light for
this week due to the H1N1 influenza virus so they cut down on the patient & close down sm
of the theatre to minimize interpersonal contact. Ultimately, the business is going to pick up
next week cause MOH will tuned down to Yellow alert on Mon.

Tuesday, went for a massage session with Iris in Wellness Village Spa in Pan Pacific Hotel.
We was kinda excited cause its our first trial in that particular place, but it turns out to be
a bit crappy & its not like what we expected. But, its a really nice & relaxing place in there!

Firstly, we were asked to stripped off everything, wear the shower cap & a paper G-string
they gave & lie downwards on the bed. Then they came in with a warm scrub & they started
scrubbing our whole body which includes the boobs! I felt molested! LOL!

After which, we were asked to bath & changed into another paper G-string & another cotton
shower cap. Yes, we bath together naked, LOL! Again, we were asked to lie downward again
& they cover us with towels & started massaging with oil. When rubbing, your skin will feel
warm. The whole session took about 90 mins.

Despite bathing, the grease is still there. & we felt more achy after the massage which i dunc
knw if its normal or abnormal. Walked around & went down to hav a drink. Headed home at

I know the picture is very obscene & pls dunc laugh!

My therapist was quite friendly, but its not up to our expectation & whats more, the person
keeps persuading us to sign up their package. Despite giving the reason "We will consider.."
she still didnt get our meaning in the sentence. Its fucking irritating! Luckily we manage to
escape by replying to her, "Issit so hard to get the meaning of considering?".

Wednesday was my off day as there is quite little patient on that day. Slept till 12PM &
went out to meet Bf. Went for lunch with Bf & Star, afterwhich slacked awhile at Bf's place &
headed to Bugis to meet Stella for dinner. Brought a black shorts, ate Mos Burger & headed
to class. Its like finally, our last module before we graduate! Im so excited!

Saturday's Mother's Day. How are you people going to celebrate? Im still thinking!! Maybe
just a dinner treat or what so ever! Urg!

Btw, i hav changed my playlist! Woo, i love the songs! The playlist is working in IE only!