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Saturday, April 18, 2009 0 Comments

My cough & flu are killing me! Ate the flu tablet ystd night which cause drowsiness.
Was lying on my bed, waiting for myself to turn drowsy but instead, i was having
insomnia. No matter how, i just cant sleep!

Flipped & turned around in bed & its damn irritating! I felt tired, but just cant slp! Its
like im living in agony! I should hav taken the other type of flu tablet instead! Urg!! Its
only 10AM, and im now awake!

Need to study this weekend. I wonder how im going to concentrate on my revision ltr
as i did not hav a good sleep last night! Im going bonkers man!

I have got nth to blog these days! *Sigh!

Serve me right, but god bless me!

Cabbed home from Bf's place but i nearly went into an accident! The cabby was driving
recklessly! When he was about to turn into the expressway, a bike was infront of him & he
just dashed towards the right as if the bike was not there! And while he was turning into
the expressway, another bike from behind nearly bang his cab cause he did not look
carefully before turning as its a T junction! Luckily, the motorcyclist was alert enough to
give him a horn & turned away to prevent the crash! *Phew!

Yay, my sore throat & cough is getting from bad to worst! Million of thanks to my super
high intelligence! Despite my cough, flu & sore throat, im still snacking away with choco,
rice crackers, twisties & tom yam maggie! I told Bf, yi du gong du (poison VS poison) &
it will sure get better, but im totally wrong!

Although everything tasted like water & paper, i still never restraint myself from eating!
& now, its worst then ever! I think i cant even speak properly tml as my voice is vanishing!

Im sorry, darling! Bf got infected by me with the cough bug & is also having a sore throat
now. Wow, the bug in me is like super inevitable or i should say, Bf's immune system is
super weak? Im sorry, i got you ill again!

I took a cough tablet & another type of flu tablet just now! Hopefully, i can sleep as per
normal & it will not give me insonmia tonight! I really need a good slp as i need to put in
100% of concentration in my revision tml! I wasted today! I brought my notes to Bf's
place to study, i manage to study alittle but felt sleepy after that & i lost the study mood!
Bf was watching his anime & end up, i watched with him for the whole day! Aww~!

The bug is killing me! Pls go away! U invaded me in the wrong timing man! I hate you!