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Wednesday, April 01, 2009 0 Comments

Today is April Fool day! Was anyone tricked? LOL! First day of April & im glad that
today turn out to be a fine day. Work was kinda slackish! Didnt enjoy this kinda slacking
moments for quite some time. Hope everyday will remain like this!

Went to class after work. As usual, went off during break! Stella & i was too tired to carry
on with the lesson. I hav to start studying soon! Exam is coming! Stress level increasing!
Im stressed at work as well as in sch!

Everytime, i hav the urge to quit! If not for paying my debt, i would hav quit long ago!
People kept reminding me that there is an ongoing recession & work opportunities will
be cut by half & thats why it left it pondering whether to quit anot! God, can you help me
to make a good decision?

Anyway, realise the change in my tagboard? Redecorate my tagboard! Issit nicer or?
Gimmi some feedback about it?

Im tired! Going to rest soon!