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Wednesday, March 25, 2009 0 Comments

Just my luck! Im down on my luck for this week! Everyday, smth bad will sure happen!
I dunc knw why! The super duper most unpleasant week of the 20yrs of my life! I think
im having this bad karma tingy this year!

Nth goes smoothly for me! Be it in school or work! Fuxk! Maybe i should really look for
a fortune teller to change my luck!

Today, i hav a small commotion with my friends regarding our project! Ahh, just my
damn fuxking luck! Its due in 2 day's time & we have yet complete it due to _____.
Not fair can?! Shall not elaborate anymore!

Once bitten, twice shy!

A Super Cool Report Site!

I came across this site! A super cool site for all bloggers! I guess all of you will like it!
Its a blog for reporting ripping & spamming incident, in short, a warning blog for all
bloggers! You report, they will publish!


Cool right? I believe everyone hates ripper or spammer right?! So do i! So im helping to
advertise & so you people also help to support? Advertise this site in your blog too so that
more blogger will be aware of the presence of this site. Post about this site now!

Their motto: You report, we publish.