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Monday, March 23, 2009 0 Comments

What a damn bloody fucking unwanted week i had! Its only Mon & yet YOU spoil my
week! I dunc knw why im so damn fuxking unlucky during work! Everytime, i will hav
the same person working with me for 2 solid weeks & if the person is -feel in the blank
with all the bad things- then i will hav to suffer for 2 solid weeks!

YOU, stop acting like a boss & ordering around here & there! BBW! Stop asking me to
do things that are tougher and you take the easier ones! And stop thinking that you
are that pretty! Maybe in your brain, you are thinking that your 100 over KG of fats
are really attractive! It seriously turns me down man!

Alright, i know you are lost! Basically, this BBW are like ordering me around during
work but she is not the in-charge. She is just none other then a small senior fly in my
workplace. And she is making me pissed off during work!

She called a few patients from both the S side and P. She was clever enough to ask me
to fetch patients from S side cause its a nearer walking distance compared to the P side
which we need to walk one big round there. Its not just 1 time, but all the time! And
early in the morning, i just stepped inside the OT, signed my attendance & hav not
even took a glance at the list, she started ordering here & there! Fuxk man! Im not
ur dog! I hav my limits & patience!!

And today, as usual, she called 2 patients & she asked me to fetch. Then i went over.
There was 1 female whom is wheelchair-bounded & a mobile male patient. I pushed a
bed over for the female patient & went to clerk her casenote & i knew she will take a
longer time in changing as she is a bit frail & weak. So i went over to the male side to
clerk & interview the male patient first. I was halfway done & she came & tell me to
go over to check the female patient while she take over mine.

Its like WTF is wrong with her? Cant she take the female patient as im alrd halfway
done with the male one. Obviously its cause the female patient needs to be transferred
to the bed which is more troublesome & thats why she wanted to take over mine. Fuxk
you la!

I hate working man! Can anyone waive off this week?!

BBW: Big Big, WOW
S: Subside patient which pay lesser
P: Private patient which pay double of the Subside patient